One of the ultimate goals of sustainable development is to move to a circular economy, where we reuse and recycle materials instead of simply discarding them. RESIKLOS blockchain technology can help us move towards this goal by tracking the origin to disposal of products and materials. This would allow us to identify when something has reached the end of its life cycle and recycle it accordingly.
To replicate and multiply our results, we are developing RESIKLOS Circular Chain for the efficiency of our ground operation for waste which is important to ensure we significantly reduce our use of plastics, as well as ensuring those plastics we do use are managed responsibly throughout their lifecycle. We incorporate the current development of the following integrations to make RESIKLOS successful in real-world:
RESIKLOS Mobile App:
  • Gamify - a play to learn mechanism on digital plastic waste management
  • Segregate - connecting actual collectors as service providers to waste generators to segregate waste
  • Incentivize - partnering with brands to incentivize our users
  • Recycle - working closely with our industry partners in waste management industry to handle and process the influx of plastic waste collection
Integrated Dashboard - Backend Office for Users
Integrated Dashboard for:
  • End-to-End Tracking - plastic waste material movement from disposal to recycling
  • Rewards - plugged in one backend data
  • Source Segregation Data - trace of origin
  • Online Store for By-Products Tracking - sold products
  • Paperless Processing
Extended Producer Responsibility Dashboard for Commercial Establishments
Extended Producer Responsibility - EPR Dashboard:
  • Automated reporting to environment agency bodies
  • Consumer's Verification of by-products (plastic waste to converted valuable materials)
  • Approval of Collection
  • Deep Analytics - number of collection, schedules, location of pickup, location of delivery
  • Paperless Processing