Official Resiklos Whitepaper, last updated 03/5/2023
RESIKLOS entering Web 3 can help us protect the environment through community building. Our app focuses on building a global network of eco-warriors that can come together to participate in reducing plastic pollution. The community can also maximize the platform to earn while learning the process of plastic segregation.
Digitalizing plastic waste management using gamified and incentivized strategies to deliver social and economic value in tandem would spur economic growth and prosperity equitably and inclusively while preserving the environment.
The goal is to improve the behavior towards trash segregation and make the disposal less time-consuming and less confusing by providing them an integrated platform to play, learn and earn in plastic recovery to the recycling process.
A stable environment is integral to human rights, including the rights to life, health, food, water and sanitation, and quality of life. Investing in environmental sustainability ensures healthy lives. When people are healthy, they can work, learn and earn. Then a country can maximize its human resources for growth.
RESIKLOS' mission is to protect and regenerate the environment by working with communities to develop a sustainable economy that empowers and respects people and nature.
RESIKLOS' vision is to reduce plastic pollution by up to 95% in the next 25 years.
The pandemic has brought new challenges to the world. It resulted in innovative new technologies that will help the economy to bounce back. In the new-normal era, our digitalization strategies can be used to educate people about blockchain technology and its use in digital plastic waste management. We know people who were never even interested in waste segregation, to begin with, but gained understanding because they were interested because it is fun to do.
Bridging Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 can provide a robust system for building a community. This approach focuses on building a global network of eco-warriors to participate in reducing plastic pollution through plastic offsetting and providing them with a technology tool to implement the circular economy on plastic waste management.
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